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December 28 2005

Download backgrounds New themes: Finding Nemo and Linux. The Linux theme includes icons for various applications.

Sometimes a theme just doesn't work out but the background I was going to use looks pretty good.

These images will find a home in the new backgrounds section.
December 07 2005

I still had these icons for FlipOver!, Lady Killer, MAX GhostpiX, SpOtZ, Atari Lynx and ZX81. You can get them at the icons page.
icon icon icon icon icon icon
December 03 2005

Download backgrounds I have converted Pea's wallpapers and removed the text so they can be used as backgrounds for YAFL

Click on the images to download them.

I'll probably make a GP32X theme with these backgrounds but at the moment I'm way too busy playing with my brand new GP2X :-)
December 01 2005

It's winter again, cold and dark outside so it's time to update the old website ;-)

After putting it under the scanner I'm finally able to use images of my own GP32 on the site. Many thanks to Shirohagen for letting me use his all this time.

With these new images it was time to redesign the site. I changed the colours and layout and added a new reviews section. Hope you like it.

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